Jan Radon Software Engineering

Creative Software Solutions

Software architecture
and design

Good architecture and design are vivid and lead to a common understanding of goals and requirements.

I can support you and your team in translating your business processes into an extendable and maintainable architecture suitable for your current and future business needs.   

Deriving good software design from architectural and business requirements can be tricky. I support your business with my project experience in the generation and implementation of software designs.

Software development process

People write software; tools and processes support them doing it.

I believe that having a good and working software development process means: Having rotation of tasks and roles with knowledge transfer between all team members, to avoid islands of knowledge that will significantly slow down development.

All team members need to fully understand the aim and purpose of what they are doing and how it is done. 

I can support you and your team in finding a cooperative way to implement this kind of process in your business and project organisation.

Code review
unit testing

Do we really need all that code?

Good code is readable, minimized, documented, speaks for itself and can be maintained by someone else. Nonetheless, good code is hard to find and, more often than not, time for refactoring and changing requirements is the limiting factor for most of us. 

Test driven software development

Think, test, code, think again.... 

As a software engineer with years of experience, I develop software in C++, C#, Java, PLSQL.  


Yesterday's hypes are today's problems...

Given the dynamics of new toolchains, libraries and language extensions emerging, companies are in constant pressure to adapt their software to stay in the market.

I can assist you and your team in migrating old software.

Virtual Reality

My fascination for VR and the potential of this new, disruptive technology started in 2015 while developing for the DK2 from Oculus Rift. Since then, my team and I are developing and prototyping different ideas using VR.
Therefore, we are experimenting with different headsets including HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.
We also perform research and are developing solutions for mobile platforms like "Daydream" and the cheap consumer version "Cardboard".
Due to the high potential and easy accessibility of the new streaming VR, we are currently setting up different projects using WebVR technology.

Since September 2016, we are working on the Virtual Accelerated Warehouse Management (VAWM) platform. VAWM can be used as training simulation, as well as a virtual control center for automated warehouses. VAWM is made for roomscale VR using HTC Vive, but can be easily adapted for other headset and tracking systems. 
As a team, we are able to provide our experience to your business to create your VR solution.
Due to our flexibility and network we can start from scratch and scale up to your demands.

Augmented Reality 

In the process of developing the VAWM system we came to the conclusion that using VR in combination with AR technology has huge potential. We develop AR software using marker less AR toolchains for mobile devices and for the "Hololens".

As a team, we are able to provide our experience to your business to create your AR solution. Due to our flexibility and network we can start from scratch and scale up to your demands.